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Web Design and Marketing Agency for Small Businesses

Helping small businesses with their web design in St. Charles County is the pride of Norila Digital Marketing.  We realize the importance of all businesses, regardless of size, to have the their own website to show their local community or the world what they do (services) or what they offer (products).  Providing an affordable solution to clients around the world has been our passion since 2010.  Now we are focusing our web design and digital marketing skills to hometown St. Peters, MO, St. Charles and the St. Louis metro area. We would love to help you put your business on display for the world to see. So, go to the contact form and let’s get something started.

Among our clients



This is your business.  During the planning phase we will be working with you to gather necessary information about your company, brand and overall message we need to present to the world.



A critical yet exciting phase of the website creation. Your website comes together at this point.  Once we complete the development, we work with you to make any final necessary tweaks.



Norila Digital Marketing conforms to search engine best practices. We also provide lead generation, email marketing, FB ads along with other modern methods of getting your site found.



Your website needs regular maintenance in order to keep it running well.  Testing your site regularly is a key component to assuring everything is working properly.  We have you covered.


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Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

At Norila Digital Marketing we understand that most small businesses do not understand exactly what they need.  They just know that they need a website.  While that’s certainly a large part, there are other needs they have to compliment their website.

Website Development

Norila Digital Marketing is your full service web design agency.  Creating beautiful websites that are engaging and SEO friendly is key to the success of our business.  10+ years of satisfied customers confirms that our strategies work.

Digital Marketing

This is the process of reaching your consumers using multiple methods of technology like websites, email, Google search and social media.  Our digital marketing experts will create campaigns that are both efficient and effective.

eBay Development

We have helped hundreds of eBay sellers develop their business.  Our services include Custom Mobile Responsive Listings, Custom eBay Stores, eBay API Development, eBay to Website Integration – You can list your products from one location.


We specialize in creating custom eCommerce websites that will carry your brand with the security to give you peace of mind.  With over 10 years experience in eCommerce web development our customers have come to trust us with great confidence.

Brand Management

Maintaining your color schemes, logo design and product packaging are key to the success of your brand management. A well defined brand that is executed properly affects all aspects of your business.  Your brand is also directly connected to consumer needs and emotions.

Web Hosting

Norila Digital Marketing teams up with the best award winning hosting companies available to ensure your business will be visible to the world.  With incredible server speed and guaranteed 99% uptime you are sure to keep the interest of your visitors.  Contact us to learn more.

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eBay Development

We've got your eBay back...

We have been working with eBay sellers since 2010. Let us help you!

eCommerce Solutions

Want to start selling your products?

We have been working in the eCommerce industry for over 10 years. Feel assured we know how to deal with any project


Fair prices. Excellent service.

Because the needs of every client varies we cannot quote pricing here.  What we can tell you is that if you give us the opportunity to understand your needs and let us help you strategize how to implement them we will put together a killer plan for you.


Web Design & Digital Marketing Specialists

Norila Digital Marketing is a leading provider of Web Design & Digital Marketing in St. Peters, St. Charles and Lincoln Counties.

We are local to St. Peters, MO in the St. Charles County area.  We have satisfied clients all around the world.  Founded in 2010 by Ron LaBeau and Ali Young, two successful web designers and custom eBay store developers.

Our Vision:

To partner with small businesses to help them grow by creating or improving their website and marketing campaigns.

Our Mission:

  • Build partnerships with clients to ensure that we have their best interest at stake
  • Deliver high-quality client websites that will convert visitors to clients
  • Use modern technology to produce digital marketing that gets results

Our Values:

Grow Partnerships

We know that providing winning products to our customers is key to the success of our partnership.

Passion Driven

We are passionate to prove that we are different than most web development companies.

Ron Labeau - LinkedIn

Ron LaBeau

Head of Sales & Marketing

Email: ron@noriladigitalmarketing.com
Direct: 636.283.0283

Ron began his web development career in 1995 with just an interest.  His first client offered him the opportunity to build the website for his lumber company in St. Louis, MO.  Ron asked for 3 months, $900 and a 2 pixel digital camera (top of the line at the time) for payment.  When his client accepted the offer, Ron got busy learning HTML.

Many satisfied customers later, Ron still loves what he does.  Ron says, “you have to have the passion to do what your talents will allow”.


Ali Young

Head of Technical Operations

Email: ali@noriladigitalmarketing.com

Ali had never turned a computer on prior to 2005.  Since then, he has turned one on every day.  He is a self-taught multi-talented web designer.  His ability to adapt to change is one of Ali’s strongest assets.  He started with a very successful video tutorial website covering topics from Photoshop to Create A Website.  That site allowed Ali to grow in many areas of technology.  Today Ali is a well sought after web designer and eBay Integration specialist.  He was quoted recently as saying, “technology has a way of luring me in”.


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